Honeydew - Portfolio

For reference, see the Honeydew Demo homepage to see the portfolio widget in action. Then, take a look at the portfolio page to see the Portfolio Archive. Click on the Portfolio items to see the single Portfolio pages.

Before you get started

Make sure you have Pretty Permalinks set up.

Moving on...

1. Create the Portfolio Archive page

  1. Go to Pages and create a page called Portfolio & then save it. Your url will be something like: yoursite.com/portfolio. This is the link to your portfolio archive where all of your portfolio items will show up. You can skip this step if you imported the demo content and already have the Portfolio page in your Pages.
    Click here to learn more about creating pages.
  2. From your dashboard, go to Portfolio > Archive Settings
  3. Here you can add the title of the Portfolio archive page. Maybe you want it to say "Projects" instead.
  4. Scroll down to the very bottom of this page, and under "Layout Settings" you can choose the layout for the Portfolio page. I chose the full width layout in the Honeydew theme because I wanted to hide the sidebar.

2. Creating the Portfolio Items

  1. From your dashboard, click on Portfolio on the left side
  2. At the top of the page, click Add New to add a new portfolio item
  3. Give your portfolio item a title & add in your content underneath
  4. Now look to the right side under the Document tab
  5. Under Portfolio Category, choose the category for the item. If you don’t have any portfolio categories yet, click Add New Portfolio Category. Once you’ve added your category, make sure the category(s) is checked. You can also add portfolio categories by going to Portfolio > Portfolio Category from your dashboard.
  6. Under the Featured Image tab, upload a Featured Image. If you don't, your images won't show in the widget on the homepage or on the single portfolio page. Make sure the image is at least 1700 pixels or wider. The height can be whatever you want.
  7. Repeat these steps to create the rest of your portfolio items.

3. Add the Portfolio Widget to the Homepage

Once you have created your portfolio items, you can add the Portfolio widget to the homepage to display your items.

A few notes:

– This widget will only work properly when placed in the Front Page Content widget area.
– The widget will only display a maximum of 8 items on the homepage. If you have more than 8 items, you might want to consider adding a button to the widget that links to your portfolio archive page
– The most recent portfolio item is the center image

  1. Once you have at least 3 portfolio items made, head to Appearance > Customize > Widgets
  2. Add the Honeydew Portfolio widget to the Front Page Content widget area
  3. Configure the widget as you wish by adding a title, headline, or a button linking to your portfolio. Here is how I set things up on the Honeydew demo:

4. How to Adjust the Portfolio Grid

To adjust the portfolio page grid (ie: yoursite.com/portfolio), go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Content Archives

Scroll down to where you see Archive Columns and adjust the grid. Please remember this will also affect the blog category grid as well!

How Can I Rearrange my Portfolio Items?

Simple! They display in DESC order- so just change the date of the portfolio items. The item with the most recent date will display first.

From your dashboard, click on Portfolio and then hover over a portfolio item. Click “quick edit” underneath, and change the date. When you’re done, refresh the page and you’ll see the items have moved.