How to Create Pages and Add Blocks

A page is intended for static content on your website, such as an About or Contact page. This is not a tutorial on how to create a blog post. Learn the difference between posts and pages.

  1. To create a new page on your website, go to your WordPress dashboard > click on Pages > click the Add New button at the top.
  2. At the top, give your page a title. 
  3. Add your content to the main content area by using the Blocks (see video below).
  4. There are additional page settings under the Document tab on the right side.
  5. Once you have finished adding content to your page, click Publish.


Here's a short, quick video that shows how I created a page and added content using some common WordPress Blocks.

There are TONS of blocks you use to create your pages and posts, but this video just shows some of the basic & most popular ones. Take some time to play around with Blocks to see what you can do!

Now that you've made a few pages, you can add them to a menu!