Kadence Page Settings Options

1. Global Page Settings

Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Page Layout

Here you will find the global settings for your pages, and the settings you choose here will apply to all of your pages.

2. Individual Page Settings

There is a way to override some of the global page settings if you want certain pages to have different settings. Each page has a Page Settings section where you can override the global settings.

Here's an example: In the customizer, my global settings page layout is set to "normal" because I don't want a sidebar on most of my pages. But I would like to add a sidebar to my About page. I go to my About page editor and edit the page settings to set the page layout to "Right Sidebar". Now my About page is showing a sidebar while the other pages are still using the "normal" page layout.

You can change the page settings for an individual page by clicking on the Page Settings icon (page with pencil) and opening up the settings. Adjusting any of these settings will override any global page settings you've set in the customizer.

Watch a video by the Kadence team that goes more in-depth on the Kadence page settings: