Pretty Permalinks

By default, WordPress uses URLs like this for your all of your pages and posts. This plain URL structure is not SEO friendly at all. This is why most sites use "Pretty Permalinks", which is a term used for SEO friendly URLs in WordPress. These SEO friendly Permalinks contain post, category, tag, title in the URL, allowing you to use Keywords inside your URLs. I'm going to show you how to set up Pretty Permalinks in WordPress and make your website more SEO friendly.

Pretty Permalinks also make it easier for you to visit most of your pages in a hurry or quickly send a link to someone without having to go and copy and paste the URL because you don't have the page number & symbols memorized in the URL. Now you can simply write most of them out easy peasy!

Without Pretty Permalinks – your About page URL is:
With Pretty Permalinks – your About page URL is now:

Without Pretty Permalinks – your Contact Us page URL is:
With Pretty Permalinks – your Contact Us page URL is now:

*If your page title has 2 words in it, then you know it will be (you just use a dash for spaces!)

Set up Pretty Permalinks

  1. From your dashboard, go to Settings > Permalinks
  2. Under Common Settings, choose "Post Name"
  3. Save changes!