Using Pretty Permalinks

By default, WordPress uses URLs will look similar to this for all of your pages and posts. This plain URL structure is not SEO-friendly. This is why most sites use "Pretty Permalinks", which is a term used for SEO-friendly URLs in WordPress. 

Pretty Permalinks also make it easier for you to visit your pages in a hurry, or quickly send a link to someone without having to go and copy and paste the URL because you don't have the page number and symbols memorized in the URL.

Without Pretty Permalinks – your About page URL might be:
With Pretty Permalinks – your About page URL is now:

Without Pretty Permalinks – your Contact Us page URL might be:
With Pretty Permalinks – your Contact Us page URL would be:

*If your page title has 2 words in it, then you know it will be (you just use a dash in place of spaces!)

Setting up Pretty Permalinks

  1. From your dashboard, go to Settings > Permalinks
  2. Under Common Settings, choose "Post Name"
  3. Save changes!