Genesis - Portfolio Pages in Honeydew Aren't Showing Up

For the Honeydew (Genesis Child theme)
There are a few reasons why your portfolio archive page or single portfolio pages might not be showing up or displaying correctly. Try these steps in order to resolve the issue: 
  1. Update WooCommerce if you haven't. This is important. For whatever reason, WooCommerce can cause page issues when not updated. Blank pages, missing pages, etc. Always keep WooCommerce updated. After updating, clear your cache and then check to see if this resolved the issue. If you don't have WooCommerce installed, you can skip this step.
  2. Update Genesis. If there is a Genesis update available, there will be a notification at the top of your dashboard to update. Or you can go to Appearance > Themes to update it. Always keep Genesis updated. Clear the cache and then check to see if it resolves the issue.
  3. Use Pretty Permalinks. Learn how to set up pretty permalinks right here.
  4. Duplicate plugin conflict. If you have another Portfolio plugin installed, it could be overriding or conflicting the Honeydew Portfolio. Deactivate other portfolio plugins! And if you're using the Jetpack plugin, go to your Jetpack Settings > Writing Tab > turn off the Portfolio.
  5. Other plugin conflicts. Try ruling out any other plugin conflicts that might be causing the issue.

Make sure to clear your cache after each of these steps.

If you've followed all of these steps and the issue remains unresolved, please reach out to me by submitting a support ticket. I'm happy to help!