The Page Grid Widget

Here’s what we’re going to do in this tutorial:

  1. Set featured images for the pages we want to display in the grid
  2. Grab the page/post IDs
  3. Add the IDs to the Page Grid widget & adjust the widget settings

Set the Featured Images

  1. If you haven’t already created the pages you want to display in your grid, do so now. Dashboard > Pages > Add New
  2. On the right side under the Document tab, upload a featured image. This image is what will display in the grid later.
  3. Repeat steps for all pages you want to display in the grid

Grab the page/post ID

Click here to learn more about finding page IDs.
  1. Go back to edit a page- one of the pages you just added a featured image to. Look at your address bar at the top. You should see something inside the url like: ?post=3509&
  2. The number 3509 is the page ID. This is just an example- your number will be different! This is the number you want to save or write down, because we’re going to add this to the widget in the next steps.
  3. Repeat steps and find the page ID for each page you want to display in the grid.

Add the Page Grid Widget to the Homepage

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets > Front Page Content
  2. Add the Page Grid widget to this widget area (your theme name will be before, ie: Thrive Page Grid)
  3. Adjust the settings as you wish.
  4. Under Page ID, add your page IDs to the field, separate them with a comma.

Here’s an Example of How I Set my Page Grid Widget up:

  1. The number of columns
  2. Your page IDs that you copied earlier, separate them all by a comma
  3. The image size
  4. The padding around the widget
  5. Background color (choose these colors in Appearance > Theme Settings > Theme Colors)
  6. The text alignment of the page title