My Images are not Displaying like the Demo

If you had existing images on your site when you installed your theme, your images don’t know yet that they are supposed to be using the new image sizes of your new theme. You need to resize your image thumbnails so that they fit properly in your new theme.

You can resize your images using a thumbnail regenerating plugin. Always regenerate your image thumbnails after switching to a new theme!

  1. Install & activate the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin if you haven't already
  2. Go to Tools > Regenerate Thumbnails
  3. Click on “Regenerate Thumbnails for All Attachments”
  4. If you have a lot of images on your site, this may take a while to complete. Stay on the page until the process has 100% completed!
  5. After regenerating, you might need to clear your browser cache to see the site changes.

Still not looking right?

If your images are too small, they won’t crop correctly. Try uploading larger images.