Kadence - Add Newsletter/Opt-in Form Without Plugin

How to add a form to a page without using a plugin:

1. Create your newsletter/subscribe form in your email marketing service. I use Flodesk for my forms and branded emails (affiliate), but you can use any email marketing service you want, like Mailchimp or ConvertKit for example.

2. After you have created your form, you will be provided an embed code. Copy this code.

3. If your theme doesn't already have a custom HTML block set up for you in a section on a page, you can simply click the plus + icon to add a "Custom HTML" block wherever you'd like.

4. Paste in your form embed code you copied earlier from your email marketing service into the Custom HTML block.

4. Save and view the live page. You should see your form displaying on the page now!

Here's an example of how I added my Flodesk form on my website using the Custom HTML block:

How to add the form to a widget to use in the Footer or a Sidebar:

1. Add a Custom HTML widget/block to the widget area where you want the form to display

2. Paste in the form embed code and save

3. View your site and you should see the form displaying in the widget area

An example of adding the form to the sidebar widget area: