How to Install your Kadence Child Theme

Before Installing

  • Make sure your site is running the latest WordPress version
  • If you have an existing website with a lot of content, make a backup of your site before installing your new theme, or set up a staging site first (ask your host about staging sites)
  • If you have installed the "Classic Editor" plugin installed, you need to uninstall it to make the theme work (our themes use the block editor to build the pages)
  • Installing the theme will import demo blog posts, so make sure to pause any RSS-to-Email feeds you may have prior to installing your new theme. If you have the Jetpack plugin with blog subscriptions turned on, please turn this off. Once the theme is installed, you can delete the demo posts and restart your RSS feed again.
  • If you are switching from a Genesis child theme, here's a quick guide you should check out!

Theme Installation

* Kadence Starter Templates update 09/15/2021: You now have the option to choose whether you want to install only theme content, the customizer settings, or both. By default, it will choose both, which is what I recommend so that your website matches the demo!

After you have downloaded your files, make sure to unzip the folder that has "UNZIP" me in the file name (e.g.

Once you have unzipped this folder, make sure to keep the child theme in a zipped format (e.g. This file needs to be zipped to upload to WordPress!

  1. First, head to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes
  2. Click "Add New" at the top and search for "Kadence". Install the Kadence theme.
  3. Next, head to the Plugins page and click the "Add New" button
  4. Search for "Kadence" again and find the "Starter Templates by Kadence WP" plugin. Install and activate the plugin. This plugin will allow us to install your child theme template!
  5. Now go back to Appearance > Themes, click the "Add New" button, then click "upload". Upload your Kadence child theme you purchased (e.g.
  6. Activate the theme!
  7. Now head to Appearance > Starter Templates. You should now see the preview of the child theme template you purchased. **If you see a "CHOOSE YOUR BUILDER" section, click on Hearten Made, and then you will see the child theme preview template.

  8. Click on the child theme template preview image and hit the Start Importing button.
  9. Wait for the import to finish (it could a few minutes) and then view your site. It should look like the demo!

"Theme Install Failed" Error

If your import says it has failed, please read this article.

After Importing

After importing, if you find that some of the posts and product blocks aren't displaying, check out this tutorial

If you want to delete the demo blog posts after importing, follow this easy tutorial