How to Install your Kadence Child Theme & Import Demo Content

Tips Before Installing

  • If you have the "Classic Editor" plugin installed, you need to uninstall it to make the theme work
  • Installing the theme will import the demo blog posts, so make sure to pause any RSS-to-email feeds if you have this set up BEFORE installing your new theme. Once the theme is installed, you can delete the demo posts and restart your RSS feed again.
  • If you are switching from a Genesis child theme, here's a quick guide you should check out!

How to Install Your Theme & Import Demo Content:

Import Errors:

If you receive an install error or if the installation does not complete after 8 minutes, disable your plugins (except for the Starter Templates plugin) and try to import the theme again. You can re-activate your plugins once the installation is finished. If your import still fails, please read this article.