How to Create & Assign Categories to Your Posts

1. How to Create Categories

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Posts > Categories
  2. On the left side, type in the Name of your category
  3. A URL slug will automatically be created, but you can rewrite this if you'd like
  4. Set the Parent category if you'd like (E.g. a "Recipes" category might be the parent of "Dinner" and "Breakfast")
  5. Click the Add New Category button

2. Assigning Categories to your Posts

  1. When in the post editor, look for the "Categories" section in the righthand column. It will be under the Document tab. (If you don't see the righthand column with the Document tab, click on the settings gear icon at the top to open it
  2. Place a checkmark by the category or categories you want to use
  3. You can also create new categories here by click the Add New Category link

3. Category Archive Pages

Once you create your categories, your category pages will be made automatically. You do not create your category pages in Pages. Once you start assigning categories to blog posts, you will see the posts assigned to that category show up on your category pages.

If you have pretty permalinks, for example, you should be able to go to to see your Recipes category page. Another example: you have a category called "Spring Fashion". Your category page would be