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It's recommended that you update your site to the latest version of WordPress before installing your theme. Always make sure you have a backup of your site before updating.

For brand new sites: I recommend going to Appearance > Widgets in your dashboard and removing any of the default widgets WordPress placed in your widget areas. When you activate your new theme & import the demo content, these widgets will jump around and cause other widgets to be misplaced.

For established sites: I recommend going to Appearance > Widgets and moving ALL of your widgets into the Inactive Widgets area on the bottom left side of the page. When you activate a new theme, there will most likely be different widget areas than the previous theme you had. This can cause your widgets to completely disappear. So add them to the Inactive Widgets area first, and then you can install & activate your new theme. Once your new theme is activated, you can then move your widgets back to the new widget areas.

WordPress beginner?

Make sure to check out the WordPress Tutorials!

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If something isn't working properly or if things don't look quite right, make sure to check out the Troubleshooting docs. If you're still stuck on something and can't find the answers you're looking for, please don't hesitate to submit a Support Ticket and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.