Dainty - Slider Settings & Display

1. Creating the Slider Images

Here are the Canva links to the slider templates that were used in the demo:

Template 1 | Template 2

**Please note that you will need a Canva Pro account (they offer a free trial) so that when you’re finished editing the templates, you can download the image as a TRANSPARENT PNG. This is important because if you don’t, the image will have a white background and you don’t want that!

2. Creating the Slider & Adjusting Settings

  1. From your Dashboard, click on MetaSlider in the left sidebar
  2. Create a blank slideshow

  3. Click the + Add Slide button at the top to begin adding your slider images
  4. Adjust your settings on the right to match mine. I use the Outline theme, but you can choose whatever you’d like:

  5. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and adjust your settings to match mine: 

3. Displaying the Slider

  1. While you’re still on the MetaSlider page, find your shortcode (the text in orange) and copy it

  2. Now head to Appearance > Widgets and add a Text widget to the Home Top widget area
  3. Paste in the shortcode you copied from step 1 and save!

4. Adding the white patterns to the sides of the Slider

  1. First make sure you have uploaded the pattern images to your media. You can find these in the Dainty Extras folder.
  2. Directly underneath the Text widget you placed in the Home Top widget area, add two Image widgets
  3. Upload a pattern for each Image widget and save the widgets!
  4. *Please note that the Image widgets will look blank, but that’s only because the patterns are white!
  5. Save!