Thrive - Customizer Overview

Appearance > Customize

  • Site Title, Tagline, and Favicon –– This is where you will add your site title & tagline (if not using a custom logo), and upload your favicon
  • Theme Settings –– This is where you will adjust even more settings for the Thrive theme!
  • Theme Colors –– Choose your theme’s colors
  • Theme Fonts –– Choose your fonts & styles
  • Menus –– This is where you will create your menus and set their location
  • Widgets ––Place widgets in widget areas
  • Homepage Settings –– Keep homepage settings set to “display latest posts”
  • Theme SEO Settings –– Some SEO options + settings by Genesis
  • WooCommerce –– Lots of shop display options
  • Additional CSS –– Thrive doesn’t require any coding knowledge, but if you want to play around with some CSS you can add that here.

Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings

  • Logo and Header Settings –– This is where you will upload your logo + adjust the size, and there’s options for a sticky header, tagline display, display social icons and/or search in header
  • Single Posts –– Where you can choose to hide or display the featured image & post nav links on the single post page.
  • Content Archives –– Settings for blog posts and archive grid
  • Here Image –– Upload your hero image
  • Footer –– Change the # of footer widget areas (2, 3, 4)
  • Site Layout –– Choose the default site layout content/sidebar, sidebar/content or full width
  • Comments and Trackbacks –– Comment display
  • Header/Footer Scripts –– Add script codes here (i.e pinterest site verify)