Honeydew - Setting up the Homepage Sections

These are the Custom Widgets you Can Use on the Homepage in the "Front Page Content" Widget Area:

  • Honeydew Image + Featured Content – Creates a featured content area consisting of an image, title, description and button.
  • Honeydew Text – A custom text widget that displays a title, headline, description and button.
  • Honeydew Content Columns – Creates a content area consisting of a headline, description, and up to four content column areas with optional images.
  • Honeydew Page Grid – Creates a featured content area with a title, description and options to display a list of pages in a grid.
  • Honeydew Side Image – Adds an image that overlaps two front page content sections and touches the left or right side of the page.
  • Honeydew Sub Mark – Adds a logo sub mark or small design graphic that overlaps two front page content sections.
  • Honeydew Portfolio – Displays your Portfolio

* These widgets are meant to be used in the Front Page Content widget area. Do not use these in the sidebar or footer areas. They are full width widgets and adding them to your sidebar or footer will mess up your layout.

Other Non-custom Widgets You Can Use:

  • Genesis Featured Posts – Displays blog posts in a grid format. You can display the latest posts, or pull posts from a specific category
  • Genesis Enews Extended – Adds the Newsletter Sign Up form
  • Products – A WooCommerce widget that displays your products
  • Product Search – Adds a search bar that allows users to search your products

How to Add Widgets to the Home Page

The homepage is widgetized, which means it uses widgets to build the homepage! This makes it really easy to set up & customize. Any of the widgets mentioned above can be added to the home page.

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > Widgets
  2. Click on Front Page Content. This is the widget area where you will add all/or some of the widgets I mentioned above!
  3. Click the + Add a Widget button to add widgets to the widget area. You can use the search bar at the top to search for any of the widgets I mentioned above.
  4. Look at the image below to see where to find the + Add a Widget button & to see what widgets I added to the Front Page Content widget area for the Honeydew theme.

WATCH: How I Set Up the Homepage Sections for the Honeydew Demo!