Honeydew - Front Page Hero

Here is the free Canva template for the Honeydew Hero Image that you see in Honeydew Demo #2

How to Set Up the Front Page Hero Section

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Hero Image
  2. Upload or choose an image that is 1700 × 800 pixels. If the image is larger, that’s fine- you’ll just to need to crop it in the next window!
  3. Save!
  4. Go back to Appearance > Customize, and click on Widgets > Front Page Hero
  5. Click the “+ Add a Widget” button and add a Honeydew Text widget (not to be confused with the normal Text widget)
  6. You should now see your hero image appear at the top of the page!
  7. Fill out the widget fields & adjust the settings as you wish (see below for instructions)
  8. To change the color and/or background color of the Hero text, go back to Appearance > Customize > Theme Colors > Front Page Hero and adjust the colors as you wish.

Widget Options + Settings

  1. Optional Title
  2. Optional Headline
  3. The main hero text. I wrap this in an h1 tag as shown on the left, like this:
    <h1>your hero text here.</h1>
  4. The button URL. This is what your button will link to.
  5. The button text.
  6. A few text alignment options.

If you want to add a highlight to your description text, add this to the Description text box instead:
<h1 class="honeydew-highlight">your hero text here.</h1>

It will then look similar to this (taken from Honeydew Demo 2):