Kadence - Using the Block Collection

Accidentally deleted an entire page, or section on a page from the theme demo and can't get it back?! Do you want to remove sections on a page, but might want to use it in the future? Maybe you want to add sections from one page to another without the hassle of copying and pasting multiple times?

Introducing Theme Block Collections!! Now, you can easily add sections or entire pages to a page (or blog post!) from the theme demo with the click of a button!

And guess what?! Each Hearten Made theme has its own block collection cloud. So, if you have purchased more than one of our Kadence child themes, you can manually connect block collections from other themes too! See: How to Manually Connect Your Block Collection

How does it work?

  1. When editing a page or post, click the "Design Library" button at the top of the editor
  2. Click on the tab with your theme name at the top
  3. Filter the collection by "Pages" or "Sections" from the dropdown
  4. Click on a thumbnail image to insert that page or section into the page or post
**Don't see your theme's block collection in the design library? If you purchased your theme before January 28th, 2022, you will need to manually connect your block collection by following this tutorial:  How to Manually Connect your Theme Block Collection