Daze - Canva Templates

I have created Canva templates for the images on the Daze theme and you can find the links below. You don't need to use these images- feel free to use your own, or edit these templates however you wish!

After you edit these templates, I do recommend downloading them as a transparent PNG file. You will need a Canva Pro account to do this (they have a free trial you can use!)

If you have already used a Canva Pro trial and can't download files as a transparent PNG, just make sure to add a background that matches the background of where you're placing the image, or else the images will have a white background.

Daze Canva templates:

Overlap image next to the newsletter on Homepage #1

Image with round top

Overlap image at the top of Homepage #1

Carousel image on Homepage #3

Carousel image 2 on Homepage #3

Sales page device mockup