Daze - Sidebars

In this article, I'm going to discuss the different sidebars of the Daze theme.

All Kadence child themes come with 2 sidebar widget areas by default: Sidebar 1, and Sidebar 2. The Daze child theme comes with a custom sidebar widget area called "Block Sidebar".

You can find these sidebar widget areas in Appearance > Widgets.

Sidebar 1 and Sidebar 2

In your page settings (either the global page settings or in the individual page settings), you have page layout options. Some of the layout options include a sidebar. If you choose the sidebar option, you will need to choose either Sidebar 1 or Sidebar 2. Depending on which sidebar you chose, you will need to add content to that sidebar for it to show up in Appearance > Widgets.

For example, if you set your Contact page to have a right sidebar layout and have chosen Sidebar 1 to display, this means you will need to go to Appearance > Widgets > Sidebar 1 > Add your sidebar widgets here

You can adjust the settings and design of Sidebar 1 and Sidebar 2 by going to Appearance > Customize > General > Sidebars

Block Sidebar (Daze theme only)

The reason I created the custom Block Sidebar widget area is so that it becomes possible to have a page with a sidebar AND also have content above the area with the sidebar. Unfortunately, you cannot achieve this with pages using the normal sidebar layout with Sidebar 1 and Sidebar 2. 

So the only reason you would need to use the Block Sidebar is if you wanted a page to have a sidebar AND you want blocks/content on top of the area with the sidebar. See this demo page for an example of this. As you can see, there are sections and content ABOVE the row with the block sidebar.

Because the Block Sidebar is a custom widget area, you will not be able to customize the settings and design of it in the customizer like you can with Sidebar 1 and Sidebar 2.

How to add the Block Sidebar to a page by copy/paste:

If you need to add the row section with the Block Sidebar to any page, you can simply copy the row from Homepage Option #3 and then right-click + paste it onto another page.

1. Click the row block. When it has a blue border, that means you have selected it.

2. Click the 3 dots icon on the right, and then click Copy to copy the row (or use your keyboard shortcuts to copy)

3. Now you can go to another page and right-click + paste the row.

How to add the Block Sidebar to a page manually:

1. First you'll set the widgets you want to display in Appearance > Widgets > Block Sidebar widget area. Add any widgets you want here. The demo widget area is shown below:

2. Now, navigate to the page editor where you want to display the block sidebar

3. Add a Row Layout block and choose the 2 columns, Left Heavy 66/33 layout (or 33/66 layout if you want the sidebar on the left) 4. In the skinny column, add a Shortcode block and add the shortcode: [daze-block-sidebar]

5. In the block settings, I set the gutter to Wide 60px. This will add some space between the sidebar and the content.

6. Now you can add blocks and other content to the left column

7. View your page and you should now see the sidebar!