Kadence - Custom CSS Block Styles

I add a few custom CSS styles to my Kadence child themes that you can add to elements on your pages. To add the CSS class to an element, simply click on an element and while you're in the Block tab, scroll down to the bottom until you see "Additional CSS Class(es)". Simply click on the element and add the CSS class.

The screenshots below are from the Daze theme, but will work for any of my Kadence child themes.

Here are the available custom CSS classes:

script - Adds script font to text ***only works if your theme has a custom script font!
inside-border - adds a thin white border inside of the image
image-block-border - adds a small white border around the image
image-block-border-large - adds a large white border around the image
justify - justifies the text alignment since justify is not an option in the editor

Script text // use on paragraph, heading, or advanced text block // script

Inside Border // use on image block // inside-border

Image Block Border // use on image or gallery block // image-block-border

Image Block Border Large // use on image or gallery block // image-block-border-large

Justified paragraph text // use on paragraph block // justify