Genesis - Social Icons are Showing Up as Blank Circles

Do your social icons look like this, even though you have them set up correctly? If your icons are showing up as blank circles, it's most likely due to a "CORS error". This is NOT a theme or plugin issue.

You most likely have a CDN (like Cloudflare) that is blocking the Simple Social Icon's .svg file. 99% of the time I see this happen with sites using a CDN on GoDaddy hosting.

How to fix:

Option 1

Disable the CDN. Doing this will resolve the issue immediately. BUT CDNs can drastically speed up your site, so I don't really want to recommend doing this. If you don't want to disable your CDN, you have another option.

Option 2

Get in touch with GoDaddy (or whichever hosting or CDN you have) and tell them you're seeing a CORS error on your site that is blocking the Simple Social Icons SVG file from displaying your icons. They should be able to help you with this.