General WordPress Settings

From your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Settings > General

  1. Site Title - The title/name of your website. If you're not using a header logo image on your site, this is the text that will display in your header. It will display in the browser tab and is also your site title in search results.
  2. Site Tagline - The tagline of your site, a short description of what your site is about.
  3. WordPress Address (URL) - The URL directory containing your WordPress core application files (do not change this)
  4. Site Address (URL) - The URL of your website. This should be the same as the URL above (do not change this).
  5. Email Address - Add your email address here to receive notifications regarding your site.
  6. Membership - If you check this box, anyone can register an account on your site.
  7. New User Default Role - If you have Membership checked, this is the default role that is set when a new member is registered or created.
  8. Timezone - Set your local timezone.
  9. Date Format - Changes how the date is displayed on your website.
  10. Time Format - Changes how the time is displayed on your website. Click the "documentation on date and time formatting" link if you want to learn about how to set custom date and time formats.
  11. Week Starts On - Select the weekday on which you want the WordPress calendar to start. The default is Monday.
  12. Site Language - Sets the language in your WordPress dashboard.