Recommended Plugins Every Site Should Have

Plugins that I recommend every WordPress site should be using!

Backup Plugin

It's important to regularly backup your website. If your site breaks, you can restore it in just minutes with a backup! Your hosting company should have backup tools you can use to automatically backup your site, so check with them first before installing another plugin! But if not, these free WordPress plugins that will work just as great: UpdraftPlus and BackWPup

Security Plugin

I highly recommend installing a security plugin to protect your site from hackers. I have Siteground hosting, so I use the Siteground Security plugin on all of my websites. If you don't have Siteground, I recommend the popular security plugin Wordfence!

Spam Plugin

Getting a ton of spam comments and spam contact form submissions? Askimet is the #1 anti-spam plugin you need.

SEO Plugin

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It means how well your site ranks in Google search. Good SEO means a higher rank in Google search!

The 2 best SEO plugins out there are Math Rank & Yoast. I use Math Rank on my websites.

Cache Plugin

The purpose of a caching plugin is to speed up your website and boost performance. It stores your website data to allow pages to load more quickly. Most Cache plugins have other features as well- like image optimization. You might already have a cache plugin installed from your hosting. If you do, do not download another caching plugin– having duplicate caching plugins can cause errors.

I have Siteground hosting, so I use the SG Optimizer plugin. If you don't have Siteground, there are plenty of other caching plugins available. Here are some cache plugins I recommend: W3 Total Cache & WP Super Cache

Image Optimization Plugin

Images can take up a ton of space and can cause your site to run slowly, especially if you're uploading a ton of large images.

If you have the SG Optimizer plugin that I mentioned above from Siteground hosting, you can optimize your images with that plugin.

If you don't already have an image optimization plugin, I recommend the Smush plugin to size down & optimize your images to improve your site speed.

**  I do not provide support for these plugins. If you have issues with any of these plugins, please contact the plugin's support!