Dainty - Instagram Feed

Adding a full-width Instagram feed to the footer

  1. From your dashboard, head to Instagram Feed in the left sidebar
  2. Click the Connect an Instagram Account button to login + connect your account

  3. After you’ve connected your account, click the Customize tab
  4. Under General, you can leave the default settings alone
  5. Under Layout settings, adjust your settings to match mine. Adjust # of photos and # of columns as you wish.

  6. Under the Header, Load More and Follow Button sections, I have chosen to turn all of that OFF, but you can play around with those settings if you want!
  7. Under the last Misc section, I recommend adjusting your settings to match mine below:

  8. After saving, head to Appearance > Widgets
  9. Add a Text Widget to the Instagram widget area
  10. Type in the following shortcode and add your @ handle into the title:

  11. Save!