Dainty - FAQ

What size should my logo be?

Your header/logo size should be 880 × 260 pixels. You can upload your logo in the Customizer > Header Image. If you don’t have a logo yet, you can simply type in your blog name and it will match the default styling.

Note: You’ll need to upload a logo sized at 880 x 260, but it will appear half the size at 440 x 130. This is because retina screens need double the size to look crisp & pretty. While this logo area may appear to be a little small, it is optimized for placement on all screens, including mobile devices.

How large should my images be?

Your featured images need to be at least 1125 pixels wide and 1500 pixels long. All of your other images can be whatever size you wish, but I recommend at least 800px wide (the blog post width).