Dainty - Creating and Adding Menus

The Dainty theme uses 2 different menus in the Header, but of course you can choose to display one. Here’s how I set everything up:

  1. Head to Appearance > Menus
  2. At the top, choose a menu to edit or click the “create a new menu” link to create a new one. I have created 2 menus in the Dainty theme, one for the main navigation at the top that I called Primary, and one for my categories below the logo called Secondary.

  3. Add your pages, links or categories from the left side to the menu structure section on the right.
  4. If you want to create a dropdown, slightly drag one of the menu items to the right underneath the parent link, like I did for my “Pages”.

  5. Scroll all the way down until you see “Menu Settings”. To display a menu at the very top of the page, check the box for “Primary Navigation”. To display a menu underneath the logo (like I did with my category pages), check the box for “Secondary Navigation”.
  6. Don’t forget to save!
Click here for a more detailed guide on how to create, setup and display menus.

Troubleshooting: Menus not displaying

If your menu is not displaying, then you most likely did not set a menu to Primary or Secondary in your menu settings. Please refer to Step 5 above.